sanssoucitonite (sanssoucitonite) wrote in harrypotterkids,

SNAPE: good or bad?

What's the word? Do you guys think Snape is good or bad and why?
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I do not believe he is evil. Anyone who thinks so is obviously blind.

Snape is obviously good. I mean did you ever think that to get into the Order he had to make an Unbreakable vow to Dumbledore? And if he wanted Harry to die he would have done something about it sooner?

Draco obviously isn't bad just a snob (who I love). Severus helped Draco because Narcissa begged him for a vow. Perfectly planned then for Dumbledore have him vow to be in the order and vow to protect Draco. He would eventually have to kill Dumbledore. He knew about Severus and why would he trust him so if he didn't have a good reason?

Dumbledore could have known his time was growing short when accepted Severus at Hogwartz. A planned death and enough time to tell Harry what he needed to defeat the Dark Lord.