The Childlike Empress of Fantastica (crazy_catlady) wrote in harrypotterkids,
The Childlike Empress of Fantastica

Hello! I finally got my digital camera working again, so here area few pictures of my friend, jessie, and myself in Harry potter costume, which we wore to see the goblet of fire!



That's my friend Jessie. She's Hermione!  That black rose she's holding symbolizes all the characters we've lost.*Bows head*


That's me! I'm Harry, of course.

Jessie and I. She put together our costumes for us.  Just in case you're curious about the white kitty she's holding, it's suppposed to be Crookshanks. She found an old stuffed kitty, which was yellow. She thought it would make a perfect Crookshanks. However, when she washed it, it turned white. It was only yellow because it was so old! Heh. We tried to get her boyfriend, Steve, to be Hagrid. Jessie had a brown furry coat he could wear, it would have been perfect! but, he refused.Oh, well.

There's my dog, Duffy. We put the plastic glasses on him. Doesn't he look just like Harry?

That's all the pictures, just thought I'd share.

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