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I'm new. One day, as I loooked at my "member of" list, I noticed something horrifying: I HAD NOT JOINED A HARRY POTTER COMMUNITY! *Had a heart attack*, but now I am, and I liked this one the best, so this is the first HP community I have joined.
 Before my life-changing discorvery of HP, I had only to read The Animorphs book series. Those are very good, but they lack the merchandise of Harry Potter fandom. One fine day, while in my attic searching for something to do, I stumbled upon the Sorcerer's stone(I'm american). It belonged to my brother, but he wasn't a reader, and he quickly lost patience with the book and threw it in the attic. I looked at the book, thought "Why not give it a try?", and the rest was history. I collect the paperback version, because they are very portable. If I'm in a boring situation (for example if I have the misfortune of being dragged in the car to someone else's doctor appointment)and have naught to read, I am very upset. Because I would have to wait for the paperback version to read the latest book, I borrow my friend Jessie's; she collects the hardcovers. When I finally got to read the Half Blood Prince, I cried so hard at a particular point(I'm not a mean spoiler person, so I won't mention specifics), that I got tears all over the pages. My favorite book is Prisoner of Azkaban, favorite character is Sirius(weep!). I'm also a fan of the movies, I didn't like the first two as much as the third(It was different from the book, but not so that it lost the major plot point! Brilliant!) I am looking forward to Goblet of fire, but am dissapointed because I heard that there will be no Ton-Tongue-Tofee scene!*Grrr!* That's all I have to say right now. Thanks for your patience!

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